Try These Icebreaker Party Games At Your Next House Party


Ever been to a party where guests broke off into tiny groups of friends that already knew each other and never bothered to mingle around? Remember how fun and exciting those parties were? Yeah, neither can us. The purpose of a party is to get to meet new people and expand your social circle, not to just hang out with people whom you already know! So if you’re a party host, what’s the best way to prevent the above situation from occurring? Simple, icebreaker party games of course! There are plenty of great games out there to get everyone mingling. Check out for the best party games for adults. In this article, we will be sharing some great icebreaker party games that you can use to make sure your guests mingle around and have an even better time at your next get together. Let’s begin.

My Other Half

This is a nice roleplaying icebreaker game that is also a test of popular and historical culture. Get a few blank cardboard cards and write the names of famous couples on them. They can be celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (yes, we know they’ve split up), historical figures like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony and even fictional characters like Romeo and Juliet. Each guest will get a card and the instruction to keep their identity hidden. They are then to find their other half by asking questions, however they can only ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type questions. When playing this game, be mindful that some guests may lack even the basic knowledge of who for example Cleopatra and Marc Anthony were. Our advice: why are you even inviting those people to your party?

Guess the Resolution


This is an excellent game for your next New Year’s Eve party. The game is simple, each guest writes down one or more New Year’s resolution on a slip of paper; the paper is then folded up and placed into a container. Jiggle the container and have each guest pick up a random resolution (if they pick up their own they are to put theirs back in the box and redraw). Once each guest has a random resolution, they are then to mingle around to try to find out whose resolution they drew. At the end of the game or party, each guest will announce which resolution was theirs. Tell the guests to make the resolutions as specific as possible, otherwise you will get 50 resolutions all saying ‘I will lose weight’, ‘I will exercise more’, or ‘I will improve my diet’.  You can even play a meta-game after this game and take wagers on who you think will be successful or fail at their resolution.

The Storytelling Game

Storytelling is a great way for people to bond with each other: just think about the cliché trope of people bonding around a campfire as one dude tells the creepiest stories imaginable. While we won’t be busting out the ghost stories for this one, the concept is fairly similar. You’ll need a large sheet of construction paper divided into a grid. Each box will represent a story category so you can divide the sheet as you wish: three by three, four by four etc. Then, you select a category for each square, examples can be most romantic experience, most embarrassing moment, a date gone bad etc. Place this grid on the floor and each participant takes turns to be the one in the middle. To select a grid they can flip a coin at it or throw a pencil or whatever. Whichever grid gets chosen, the guest gets a couple minutes to share the relevant story. Repeat until each guest has gone, we guarantee that at the end of this game, the guests will really feel like they know each other.

Guess The Number of Candies in a Bottle

This is just a variation of the popular game, which companies often use for giveaways and contests, and it makes an effective door game for your party. Door game meaning that as each guest arrives they can play the game. Simply get a large jar and fill it up with candies and place it near the entrance. As guests arrive they write down their name and their estimate on a logbook. At the end of the party, the actual number is announced and the closest estimate gets to bring the jar home. How is this an icebreaker game you ask? Simple, in this type of guessing game, expect guests to linger around the container for several minutes or more trying to make mathematical estimates involving the diameter and height of the container and discussing it with other guests.