A Practical Guide To Selecting The Best Mattress For Your Money

The technology surrounding mattresses has been progressing at such an exponential rate that in the last couple of years, we’ve been able to develop advanced units such as memory foam mattresses. The older and more traditional spring mattresses are a thing of the past now, despite being extremely common all over the world just 5 years back.


Today, we even have latex or the improved pocket sprung mattresses. If you’re confused about the differences between an open coil and pocket sprung mattress, fret not, we’re here to help. Before we get to that however, ask yourself this: are you truly in need of a new mattress. Getting a new mattress might not entirely be necessary if you’re looking to fix your back problem, for instance. There may be plenty of other causes for your back pain despite what many mattress websites try to tell you. After all, it’s only in their best interests that you purchase new mattresses from them in your desperate attempt to fix your health problem.

Once you’re sure that you absolutely need a new mattress, you should start by thinking of the type of materials you want your mattress to be made out of. There are plenty of mattress types that are suitable for you but not all of them are ideal. Yes, there is a difference between the two. The upper layers of the mattress are what make the difference most of the time, so be sure to pay particular attention to that. Do check out this site here which helps you narrow down the choices for the best memory foam mattresses.

First off, we have the open coil mattress, otherwise known as the “Bonnell coil’ mattress. This mattress is basically the final composition of a layer of interconnected spring system. While they are not directly independent to each other in the sense that they’re all connected, they work almost as well as independent encased ones, at a fraction of the price. This mattress type is one of the least expensive of the bunch for this very reason. The materials used are just as good as pocket sprung mattresses. The only difference is that each spring coil in a pocket spring mattress is independently encased, thus allowing a supposedly greater level of support compared to that of an open coil mattress.

In my own personal experience (albeit rather limited), I couldn’t feel the difference between the two despite extensive testing on both of them. I’ve purchased and tried both these types of mattresses without being able to tell the difference and I doubt you will be able to as well. While pocket spring mattresses can be better if you’re sharing your bed with your partner, for lone sleepers, it just isn’t necessary to fork out some 50-70% in additional premium for this feature alone.

If you have the money, you might as well look for say a foam or memory foam mattress to make up for the lack of support or comfort if that’s your intended goal. Memory foam mattresses offer a much more satisfying experience when compared to a spring mattress, regardless of what brand you get your mattress from. Not only are they able to last longer, the health benefits from a memory foam mattress easily trump that of any high-end spring mattresses, and that is a proven fact.