How To Choose A Great Record Player in 3 Easy Steps

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There’s no doubt that record players could cost as low as $70 or significantly less, but to obtain the finest, you’ll likely have to pay in excess of $700. A tremendous enhancement in the sound quality may be enjoyed. In a natural way, these products will likely be comprised of only the greatest as well as sturdiest elements to elevate the degree of precision. Another necessary characteristic that you must take a look at will be its foundation. For the purpose of vibration dampening, you’ll need a plinth that’s made out of timber or metal and after that coated with an external rubberized layering.

This way, no vibrations from the lower body component will reverberate to the very top and alter the audio getting transmitted. The platter whereby the vinyl rests is just as significant here. In general, a platter that’s heavier will vibrate a lot less and thus this is a lot more favored.

Products that were belt driven had the votes of many vinyl listeners during the past because of the lessened vibrations as a result of the position of the motors, which were beyond the platter. Less vibrations fundamentally signify there’ll be a lot less disturbance with the audio development. One other sort of drive is known as the direct drive and the motor is actually put in right underneath the platter itself as a way to spin it. There will be direct contact between the motor unit and the platter and thus, many of the old record players suffered from substantial vibrations. At some point, the cons accorded by direct drive models started to lessen as the creative designers started to put into practice higher efficiency of dampening of vibrations.

girl holding up recordThe problem stays however: why be satisfied with direct drives when belt drives operate okay? Scratching or perhaps the reverse play mode will only be available in turntables that have direct drives and that is a vital characteristic of a turntable for DJs. In fact, that is how the word “turntables” came about, since DJs will need to have manual control of those record players to spin and generate new tunes from the original tunes. Go to to find out how to choose the best record player currently sold in the market today. The informative article has a recommended record player for every type of listener.

With regard to the tonearm, it is the unit that’s connected (typically) to the corner end of a record player, with its opposite end residing over the record and the platter. You’ll find the stylus connected to the end of it, which is then lowered on the surface of the vinyl. The structure and also standard build of the tonearm can have significant effect on the turntable’s effectiveness. The connection between the stylus as well as the vinyl has to be light enough to not scratch the top of the record. The tonearm can be manually or automatically operated in a variety of products. Moreover, there are some devices that will return the tonearm into place immediately as soon as the music has finished. Manual ones tend to be more clear-cut within this sense given that you don’t need to worry about any possible dysfunction. If you need the best audio quality from your unit nonetheless, always get a manually handled one due to the fact that less elements will be required for the development, which decreases the probability of additional vibrations.


Anytime you can, save some of the cash up for a set of external speakers. Wonderful speaker systems can make the music produced from a sub-par record player sound amazing! In the ideal circumstance, you’ll need to prevent leaks in the sound quality from developing by keeping the overall performance of each part reasonably well. Knowledge of the inner workings of the record player, regardless how fundamental it is, can make a big difference when making the appropriate choice of a unit which fits that particular individual. A general understanding of how a turntable creates sound is going to be very helpful. The simple description is that the stylus (or occasionally referred to as the stylus) is positioned on the record so when it spins, audio is created. Every groove on the record will likely be miniature in breadth and as such, the needle must be delicately positioned onto the vinyl and the positioning of the tonearm must be accurate in order to avoid damaging it.

Try These Icebreaker Party Games At Your Next House Party


Ever been to a party where guests broke off into tiny groups of friends that already knew each other and never bothered to mingle around? Remember how fun and exciting those parties were? Yeah, neither can us. The purpose of a party is to get to meet new people and expand your social circle, not to just hang out with people whom you already know! So if you’re a party host, what’s the best way to prevent the above situation from occurring? Simple, icebreaker party games of course! There are plenty of great games out there to get everyone mingling. Check out for the best party games for adults. In this article, we will be sharing some great icebreaker party games that you can use to make sure your guests mingle around and have an even better time at your next get together. Let’s begin.

My Other Half

This is a nice roleplaying icebreaker game that is also a test of popular and historical culture. Get a few blank cardboard cards and write the names of famous couples on them. They can be celebrities, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (yes, we know they’ve split up), historical figures like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony and even fictional characters like Romeo and Juliet. Each guest will get a card and the instruction to keep their identity hidden. They are then to find their other half by asking questions, however they can only ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type questions. When playing this game, be mindful that some guests may lack even the basic knowledge of who for example Cleopatra and Marc Anthony were. Our advice: why are you even inviting those people to your party?

Guess the Resolution


This is an excellent game for your next New Year’s Eve party. The game is simple, each guest writes down one or more New Year’s resolution on a slip of paper; the paper is then folded up and placed into a container. Jiggle the container and have each guest pick up a random resolution (if they pick up their own they are to put theirs back in the box and redraw). Once each guest has a random resolution, they are then to mingle around to try to find out whose resolution they drew. At the end of the game or party, each guest will announce which resolution was theirs. Tell the guests to make the resolutions as specific as possible, otherwise you will get 50 resolutions all saying ‘I will lose weight’, ‘I will exercise more’, or ‘I will improve my diet’.  You can even play a meta-game after this game and take wagers on who you think will be successful or fail at their resolution.

The Storytelling Game

Storytelling is a great way for people to bond with each other: just think about the cliché trope of people bonding around a campfire as one dude tells the creepiest stories imaginable. While we won’t be busting out the ghost stories for this one, the concept is fairly similar. You’ll need a large sheet of construction paper divided into a grid. Each box will represent a story category so you can divide the sheet as you wish: three by three, four by four etc. Then, you select a category for each square, examples can be most romantic experience, most embarrassing moment, a date gone bad etc. Place this grid on the floor and each participant takes turns to be the one in the middle. To select a grid they can flip a coin at it or throw a pencil or whatever. Whichever grid gets chosen, the guest gets a couple minutes to share the relevant story. Repeat until each guest has gone, we guarantee that at the end of this game, the guests will really feel like they know each other.

Guess The Number of Candies in a Bottle

This is just a variation of the popular game, which companies often use for giveaways and contests, and it makes an effective door game for your party. Door game meaning that as each guest arrives they can play the game. Simply get a large jar and fill it up with candies and place it near the entrance. As guests arrive they write down their name and their estimate on a logbook. At the end of the party, the actual number is announced and the closest estimate gets to bring the jar home. How is this an icebreaker game you ask? Simple, in this type of guessing game, expect guests to linger around the container for several minutes or more trying to make mathematical estimates involving the diameter and height of the container and discussing it with other guests.

Do These ‘Natural’ Cockroach Control Methods Really Work To Keep Them Away From Your Home?


If you’ve spent any amount of time researching how to get rid of cockroaches in your home, it is highly likely you already have run across sites showing you ‘natural and pesticide free’ methods of getting rids of cockroaches with simple household items as well as various herbs and vegetables. If you read about these methods with a skeptical look on your face and your internal monologue going “does this really work?”, that’s a good thing because it means you judge things critically. Well, we’re here to tell you that your skepticism is warranted; most of these methods are ineffective and in this article we will break down a few of these methods and explain why they don’t work as well as finishing off with some methods that will work in getting rid of those pesky roaches in your home.

Coffee Grounds Trap

In this method, you are supposed to place used coffee grounds in a jar, making sure the grounds are still moist. The strong smell of the grounds is supposed to attract roaches into the jar and trap them there. Why is this method ineffective? Coffee grounds themselves are not the most attractive roach bait and further, this sort of trap only addresses the roaches you do see; remember if you see even one roach during the day, that is a sign of a serious roach infestation.

bay-leafBay Leaves Repellent

The smell of crushed bay leaves is supposed to be able to keep roaches at bay and the idea is to place these bay leaves at strategic locations to keep the roaches out. Why is this method ineffective? First, there is no evidence that bay leaves actually repel roaches and further, even if they worked, it will just cause roaches to migrate to different areas of your home and does nothing to reduce their numbers.

Drunk Cockroach Trap

Probably the most hilarious of all these DIY ‘natural methods’. You are supposed to soak a cloth with stale beer and leave it out as bait. Roaches consume the beer and are rendered immobile which prevents them from returning to their hiding places before you wake up. Why is this method ineffective? First, the only thing you want to feed roaches is poison and further, waking up to step on drunken roaches is no way to start off the day. Also, this trap only addresses visible roaches.

Citrus Repellent

Did you know the smell of citrus is supposed to repel roaches and other pests? Yes, apparently unnamed housewives have been adding various citrus essential oils to their soap and mopping the floor with them making them a no-go zone for roaches. Why is this method ineffective? While roaches may actually dislike the smell of citrus, there is no evidence that it is sufficient to keep them out. Also, as previously mentioned, repelling them doesn’t equate to eliminating them.

Cucumber Repellent

cucumber-roach-repellentOut of all the natural herbs and vegetables that are supposed to repel pests, this one has got to be the most ridiculous. Apparently cucumbers can keep out roaches and ants, just place them as a barrier at their entry points. Why is this method ineffective? First off, there is absolutely no proof this method works, repelling is not eliminating, and finally, you’ll have soggy slices of cucumber all around your house.

So What Works Then?

The problem with most of these natural remedies is that even if effective they can only reduce the amount of visible roaches (a tiny percentage of the population), and that is if you manage to trap them in your homemade traps. If not, you will be relying on wilted pieces of vegetables lying around your house doing nothing. In the meantime, the roaches continue to breed in places you can’t see, worsening the infestation as under the right conditions a female roach can produce up to 300 to 400 offspring over its lifetime (which is only about 100 days).

The most effective weapon against roaches is poisoned bait, with slow acting poisons (meaning that it will take anywhere from 2 to 7 days to kill a roach) working best. This is because of the habits of roaches, which feed on other dead roaches as well as each other’s feces. As such, even one poisoned roach can have a multiplier effect, resulting in multiple dead roaches. Because of this habit, poisons are even more effective against roaches compared to other pests such as ants or fleas. Check out this guide on how to exterminate roaches and get rid of them permanently.

What are the most common roach pesticides then? You can find many options at your local hardware store but ingredients to look out for are: boric acid, pyrethroids, abemectin, fipronil, and hydramethylnon. These all come with some risks of their own and thus it is important to read the labels carefully. We also prefer newer pesticides such as fipronil as many roaches have developed resistance to the more common and older pesticides such as pyrethroids.

Bedroom Pillows That Make You Hate Getting Up In The Mornings


It is quite odd how humans hate to go to bed early but refuse to get up in the mornings. If you absolutely hate having to get up in the early mornings to go to work and you are the type who keep snoozing your alarm clocks until the last snooze then please look away now as we do not want you to be even later to work.

This is made worse whenever pillow companies come up with new pillows every season and they keep getting made better and fluffier. There being literally thousands of brands and types make our lives a bit tougher but don’t you worry, we have actually tried and tested a lot of pillows and we are here to give our views on the best pillows on this planet at the current moment and to answer all your questions, if you happen to have any.

Types of pillows

pillow-typesPillows come in all shapes and sizes. There are round ones, square ones, rectangular ones and other weird shapes. As for size, pillows vary from tiny to small to medium to large ones, depending on one’s needs or wants. A few which come to mind are memory foam pillows, contour pillows as well as water pillows. If you are not the picky type, you can opt for any, really. If you need help in choosing the right pillows, you could also check out Pillow Sanctuary. But we would think that the reason why you end up here is because you simply cannot decide on which pillows to get.

Which pillows are the best?

Without further ado, we would like to recommend to you the top three pillows which we have had the chance to try them, while testing many other different pillows in the process. The first pillow we would like to recommend is Tri-Core Cervical Pillow. Rated very highly by us and in various websites, this pillow provides good comfort for adults and children alike. This pillow is of standard firmness. A reviewer said that the head does not slide into the center and is very comfortable for both back sleepers and side sleepers. Priced at only $40, this piece is as perfect as it gets.

Secondly, we have one of two best sellers which is Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow which is priced a bit more expensive than number three, at about $50. Although a bit pricey, it is definitely worth every dollar you put into it. It is a fully adjustable pillow and suitable for all sleep positions. As it has good alignment, it allows for deeper sleep throughout the night leaving its customers very well-rested. You can also rest assured that it comes with CertiPUR-US certified foam and made without mercury, lead and metals. Further, this pillow has stood tall through various independent accredited testing labs. This pillow comes also with a five year warranty and if you are unsatisfied, the company manufacturing this pillow allows return of its product within thirty days, no questions asked. It is no wonder that this pillow sells by the hundreds on a daily basis.


Third but definitely not the least and another best seller is Gideon Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow. This pillow has several rotating massage nodes that helps loosen stiff muscles to rid the body of aches and tension; the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. It is made from 100% cotton and is said to be expertly tailored to ensure maximum comfort for any sleeping position. Its anti-microbial finish helps prevent the growth of microbes. With ninety percent of satisfied customers rating it 5/5, you can be sure that you will be more than satisfied with this purchase. Being reasonably priced at $40, you may consider getting one for each of your home, car and office. Now you can relax whether you are in the comfort of your home, taking a ride to work from home as well as sitting behind a desk at work.

What is our take on the top pillow for year 2016?

Having said all of the above, it is difficult to choose one over the other two. However, as we have tried all three pillows, we can say for certain that the top pillow for this year is Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.